Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I haven't been around a lot because I'm busy being awesome*!!! (Parts of this post expire tomorrow morning)

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1 . My webseries came out. You should watch it! Here is episode one.


2. I went to comic Con Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday! I didn't go Sunday because it conflicted with a play I was just cast in. I got to see the Legend of Korra panel and it was everything you ever thought you wanted.


3. I'm doing children's theater again with a very professional arts non profit and I'm so excited! Also a music video!

4. I cosplayed at Comic Con, and got to finally meet the creator of the series I cosplayed from. He was soooo cool. Have me a lot of swag, we took pictures, I gave him my business card—- and then later on we messaged and one thing led to another and the next thing you know.... I'm getting paid to pose for an artist I really admire and it wasn't creepy at all! Once you sit butt naked on a bed eating oranges and discussing documentaries with your idol it really humanizes the both of you. He's in town for a bit longer. We might hang out again. Trying not to entertain creeper fantasies of us being awkward artist besties.


5. Ex God and I are kinda sorta dating again. We're taking it slow because he wants to wait till I'm sure I won't run, and I want to wait until I'm sure he's got his life more together.

*only half joking..

*the pic at the top is of my sheets the morning after my cosplay. Sharpie comes off kinda easy at night, y'all. :p

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