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OMG you guys!!!!

A little background. I’ve had anxiety, ADD, and OCD since I was a kid but was not diagnosed until my late 20s. I’ve never had much confidence in my ability to learn. This man has opened a new world to me. I feel excited about learning and I am finding confidence in myself I never had. Also learning about the universe has oddly really help ease some of my anxiety. I also enjoy the man :)

I happened to see he was doing a lecture and meet and greet. The tickets were expensive and I almost passed on it but I haven’t had a vacation in years so I haven’t spent a lot and I’ve been working my ass off on the assembly line 6 days a week 9 hours a day so I decided I deserved it! I brought my daughter and I am so glad I went.

In true Neil DeGRASSE Tyson style he gave me shit about not knowing something even though I was close! I was wearing my awesome Tardis skirt and he asked what Tardis stood for. There were over a hundred people in line behind me and I clam up because I’m awful at thinking on my feet. Finally I say Time and space in relative dimension He says your wearing a Tardis skirt and don’t even know what it stands for! Time and relative demensions in space! I rolled my eyes and said hey I got the words right just not in the right order. He said he would give me a B+


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