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We just had a crazy thunderstorm come through and, because I’m a jackass and we hadn’t had any real rain for awhile and I really love thunderstorms, I went out to watch from the catio. I heard a noise that I thought was the siding from our garage coming off but was actually a giant branch breaking off a neighbor’s tree.

I ran back into the house to tell Homey, then went to a different window to try to see if the rest of the tree was ok when I saw a glow and smoke coming from where it’d landed. I immediately yelled, “Homey, 911! Call 911! FIIIIIRE!!!!”

Turns out, the tree branch downed a power line, which was throwing sparks like crazy (we could hear them through the door!) and starting little fires on the back of the neighbor’s house. Thank goodness, it was still raining so none of the fires got big and the fire department was there within five minutes and got the power cut. Go, fired department!


It looks like some of her siding melted and the tree knocked a small part of her gutter down but, at least as far as I can tell, there’s not too much damage. Phew! So scary!!

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