Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was sitting on my bed, reading. OldestSmacks and LittleSmacks3 come up the stairs, sounding like a herd of elephants, yelling, "Mom! Mom!" They come in my room, and each one drops a big box on the bed! Naturally, they both start tearing into them as soon as I give the okay. Y'all, it was like Christmas!

A 6 pack of the Enjoy Life double chocolate brownie cookies, which everyone loves. A bag of GF cranberry almond granola. A box of GF strawberry poptarts. 2 bottles of Old Spice shampoo (very much needed... darn stinky teens...) A bottle of the hair/skin/nail oil that I love and use daily. A bag of vegan GF cheez puffs. A bag of DF mini chocolate chips. And! In the other box, 4 boxes of GF poptarts, 2 each strawberry and apple cinnamon (thank you, dear gt lurker).

Y'all surprised me into tears. The love in this place... You are all just amazing.