A cousin of mine just posted on Facebook about the woman checking out ahead of her in Walmart. The woman had to put back milk and bread because she did not have enough on her EBT card (food stamps) to cover them with her other groceries. My cousin claims that she was about to offer to pay for the milk and bread but... Can you guess? I bet you can.
The woman pulled out her iPhone with hands adorned with acrylic nails. My cousin immediately KNEW that this woman was scamming the taxpayers and
did not offer the money for the milk and bread.
It's amazing how quickly we make judgements of others. I do it. You do it. We all do it. In some situations it is a very good instinct to have. It can get us safely out of sketchy situations. It can save lots of trouble and heartache. However, instances such as my cousin's were neither of these. The pity she originally felt for the woman immediately disappeared after seeing only two possessions of this woman. Why? Maybe she recently had a well-paying job, was laid off, and has resorted to food stamps to feed her children. Maybe her SO is sick or disabled and unable to work, and she is the his/her caretaker. Maybe she just likes to not feel so poor by having a refurbished iPhone (same as me) and getting her nails done once in a blue moon.
You just don't know.
Even if none of these things were the case, and she is definitely gaming the system, what was my cousin going to lose by paying for the milk and bread? Not a damn thing. However, she would have missed out on a "wonderful" moment of smug self-righteousness. I hope she feels better. After reading her post, I don't.

The kittehs are keeping me from ripping my hair out.