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On A Lighter Note, Things To Do While Sick?

I took off of work today, cuz I woke up still dying of the plague. I feel bad that I called out so last minute but I would imagine my boss would prefer if I wasn't throwing up and getting snot all over the gym.

So now I'm home. And bored as hell. I don't know what to do with myself.

I definitely want to shower, that much I know. But it just seems like a ton of work right now. I also want a hot beverage, but I'm torn between tea and hot chocolate.


After that, I don't know what to do. I could, theoretically, move my Xbox into the living room and play some video games. But I'm really not interested in doing that. I have the DS, so I could play Pokemon.

I was thinking of watching a movie, but I'd have to stream it. Which means I would have to use my laptop, the one with the busted screen, because mom's laptop is too fucked to stream a movie on. But the screen is busted so I'd have to hook it up to the TV and then use it. And I have to wait for grandma to go to sleep (she's in the living room with me, mom's napping in my room. And the TV in my room doesn't have an HDMI port anyway).


I also want to remove my nail polish but I'm out of cotton balls, which makes it difficult.

Being sick sucks.

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