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How bad of an idea is this?

A friend and I are doing a 5k fun run tonight (a Glo Run—I think stuff’s gonna be lit with blacklights and stuff). Only, I already did a Pure Barre class, ran errands, and dealt with moving furniture for, like, 4 + hours today.

Friend and I were going to run and try to improve our 5k time and all that good girl stuff tonight.


But, now, I’m tired and I’ve been sweating all day. And I’m thinking maybe we should just drink a bottle of wine (I bought some mango Moscato the other day at CostCo and I rilly wanna try it!) and walk through, slightly tipsy.

Homey can drive us so no drinking and driving concerns.

Actually, now that I’ve typed this out, I’m thinking it’s a great idea...

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