how scared should I be?

Many of you know we recently purchased a house. It’s great! We love it! Minus the plumbing debacle two weeks ago.


We live in a more ... Wooded area now. Same city, a mile down the road. I’ve noticed there are these squirrels. They are BIG. Biggest I’ve ever seen. They are also not as skittish..l they don’t scamper off when a human comes around. Today I pull up and here this crazy squawking/creaking noise... And look up and it’s a frigging squirrel looking down at me making those noises. I got scared and ran into the house. It stayed there squawking. Also they are stronger- they can hold onto a tree way up, sideways, for a long time.

Should I be scared? Is this the revenge of the squirrels? Will they attack me???