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Paying bills is generally not a fun thing to do.

But nothing, I mean nothing, cuts me deep like paying my car insurance.


Oh, you want me to shell out $100 every month for each car that I have for something that (so far) does absolutely nothing for me? GREAT. TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY. HECK, YOU'RE ALREADY TAKING $300, JUST TAKE THE REST OF MY PAY CHECK. PLEASE.

And another thing. I came home from work on Wednesday to this note on my door:

Are you kidding me?! Ninety. Seven. Cents. Not only have I never paid my rent in an amount that wasn't a whole number. BUT ITS NINETY SEVEN CENTS. Take it out of next months, or just shut the fuck up about it, because I know that I usually make my rent checks out for $5 more than they are. I'm sure I've given you that money a hundred times. Fuck you, I will not waste a check for an amount that isn't even a dollar.

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