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“Adulting” is a word I love. It’s a rather silly word, but it describes so much so well. And there are many, many aspects of “adulting” that I never realized were a thing. One of them, apparently, is to actually LISTEN to your body and to be kind/helpful to it. This was not something that I ever saw the adults in my life do in any meaningful way. The body was always something to “punish into submission” - work out hard, miserable diet to lose weight, “no pain - no gain,” etc. It was never approached with joy. So I have never approached dieting or exercise as something that could help me beyond making me thinner/improving lab values.

Yesterday, I realized that when I eat really well - small meals throughout the day that are primarily fruits and veggies with a bit of protein and minimal grains, I feel AWESOME. I feel great physically, I have boundless energy, and I’m super-duper happy. I have been doing this for about the last 5 weeks, and it’s been awesome. Then, last night, I got a wee bit crabby, and I ate 2 slices of PapaBear’s pizza and stole 3 of his oreos. I pretty quickly felt stomach pain, I felt sick, I was unhappy and tired and aweful. He asked me what was wrong, and I denied that anything was wrong, and then he said: “I have watched you be so happy and so comfortable and feel so great for the last month, and right now, you’re back to how you were before you started on this healthier-eating kick.”

I guess I had forgotten just how uncomfortable eating used to make me - back when I just ate whatever I wanted to. I was *always* uncomfortable. And now, today, I’m back to eating carefully, and I feel awesome again. I can bounce around, singing to the kids without getting short of breath (I do this because singing “Unloading dishes and putting them away” to the tune of “a few of my favorite things” gets them motivated like nothing else. Have I mentioned that I’m next door to tone deaf? It’s super fun to watch them scurry to a task just to get me to stop singing...).


TL:DR: I have figured out how to eat to make myself feel awesome, and it’s amazing.

What have you discovered is something that An Adult Should Do that you never considered when you were young?

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