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On Bad Hair, and tips welcome

Warning: This is literally a post about bad hair. There is no deep political meaning behind the title.

I pride myself on being at least average when it comes to "girly" stuff. Maybe.

But guys, I literally have NO FUCKING CLUE about hair. I never learnt. I've only been into a hair salon maybe ten times in my life, due to a family friend being a hairdresser.


Now I am getting older I am noticing a pattern in photos where my hair always looks fucking terrible. In my head it's sort of, endearingly messy. In reality, it just looks shit. Hair is my current enormous challenge in trying to have more confidence about my appearance but I'm not sure if there's much I can do.

I've been dyeing my hair for so long (or at very least having highlights) that I literally cannot remember what my natural hair texture is like. But I am sincerely hoping it's not like this.

Basically my hair falls into no category. It isn't straight, as it kinks in different directions, but only at the bottom, which looks incredibly messy (seriously not in a good way). It isn't lovely thick hair, it's fine - but there is enough of it so that's not too worrying. Even though it is pathetically limp, it has a tendency to look really fluffy at the bottom - kind of like if you took lovely smooth hair and then roughed all the cuticles up the wrong way. It seems to break/snap relatively easily as well. But if I use really rich conditioning treatments (just on the ends) it just makes my hair really flat and lank.

I am guessing some of this is damage, although I cut my hair pretty short after deciding to go back to my natural colour, and it's grown quite substantially since then as well. What really irks me is that I never, ever blow dry/curl/straighten/whatever my hair (I think the last time I blow dried it was Christmas), so there is probably no heat damage whatsoever. My entire hair routine is wash - condition - towel on head - brush through - leave it to dry by itself. I've started using a conditioner free of sulphates and parabens and will probably start using the matching sulphate free shampoo starting tomorrow.


Is there anything else I should be doing? Have you guys had any experiences with sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioners? Or growing out long term hair colour?

I'd like to finish growing out the colour, and figure out how I improve the texture before moving onto bigger issues such as "hair styles" and which cut I should get, etc.



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