Man, it sneaks up on you. Perhaps realization leads to redemption/rehabilitation.

Things I have mused on and complained about in the past couple of days:

1. Do I or do I not want a PhD that would be undertaken completely for “fun”.

2. My rosé is suboptimal, and I am disappointed.

3. I am irritated that a tiny logo is etched on the based of my fancy new wine glasses. I like quality things. I don’t like displays of LOGO that scream “I spent money on this!!”

4. I cannot purchase the new Francis Cabrel CD on iTunes because it isn’t released in the US. I have to wait five more days until I can get it through Amazon.

By the time I got to #4, I realized I have become an entitled asshole. It hasn’t seeped over into my interactions with people - I always try to be good to people - but damn if my little personal world isn’t filled with entitlement. quietandfierce, thy name is bougie.