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On Becoming Pro-Choice

So a friend posted a link to this post over at Daily Kos on facebook today. It's a really interesting read, and for anyone supporting choice it's a good moment of reassurance that things can change for the good. For those who don't feel like reading, a quick summary, this is a post by a woman who grew up vehemently pro-life. But as she's gone through 4 pregnancies, 2 of which were unviable, she's come around to realizing that safe access to abortion is absolutely necessary. The safe, legal, and rare position is the only rational one.

What it's got me think about though, is how often we hear about how abortion is needed in many instances that are forgivable. The woman who is carrying a fetus that has no chance of survival outside the womb. The married, mother of two, who risks death with another pregnancy carried to term. A woman who suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum and can't possibly continue to work while pregnant. Or a rape victim who has no safety net.


I know these are all the types of sympathetic stories it can take to opening someone's views, and becoming pro-choice. It's the politically, and socially acceptable form of abortion. But I do wish we heard more stories about women who don't have a sad story. Women who get pregnant, and aren't ready for parenthood. Poor women who can't afford a kid. They're not any less deserving of attention, even if the stories will, supposedly, gather fewer supporters. I understand the greater hope, that through stories of sympathetic abortions we can gather more people to support safe access for all, but it continues to bother me.

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