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Ugh. You guys. Just came home from a car club meet. Why do I do this to myself?

First, let's recap what happened before:

First meet: was one of the first to arrive, watched with mounting rage how guys would come up to the established group and introduce themselves to everyone but me. Only apology I got was "sorry, I thought you were someone's girlfriend, not a car owner." One guy had his wife sit in the car the whole meet because she "wouldn't know what we were talking about anyway."


Second meet: notice that a lot of the guys I had met previously were giving me strange looks, had the disquieting feeling that I was being talked about whenever I would come upon a group of people mid conversation. Found out later that one guy (we'll call him Lead Asshole) had started a rumor that I was a prostitute, hence why I live in the area I live in and drive the car I do.

Third meet: Lead Asshole steers everyone away from me whenever I try to start a conversation. Finally figure out why, it's because he hit on me repeatedly over PM and I turned him down (especially after I found out he was MARRIED WITH KIDS). Decide I want nothing to do with this group, but continue to be active on the forums where I have been a member since 2006. Which is longer than every single person in this club.

Drama on the forums: any time I make a comment, it devolves into a huge argument, usually started by Lead Asshole and his friends. Drama causes main threads to be locked down for several weeks, people are banned (not me, as I know the moderators and I didn't start anything), everyone migrates to a closed Facebook group. I am not invited to the FB group.

So I gave up for about a year, until a few weeks ago I was mysteriously invited into the FB group. I noticed that 3 of the biggest troublemakers (including LA) are no longer active in the group. So I decided to go out to this meet tonight. I posted on the FB group that I was coming, so they'd expect a female driver (not that it helped at the first meet, I did the same thing then on the forums).


There were already about a dozen cars there when I arrived, and there seemed to be 4 different groups of people chatting. I walked up and introduced myself to everyone. No one seemed that interested in chatting with me, and I am awkward, so I pretty much stood around and didn't say much. Even though I know more about these cars than at least 75% of the people there. A few guys tried to "test" me on my knowledge, but I shut that down quickly. I'm tired of having to prove myself just because I'm a woman. The fact that I came in my car, which puts down 375AWHP, which I FUCKING DID ALL THE WORK TO, should be enough. I was polite and tactful, but I was really, really not happy. Oh, and I was wearing a shirt that was a gift from one of the top tuners in the country for this particular car. Just to add extra cred.

Finally met 2 cool guys who I spent about an hour chatting with. They asked why I never came out to meets, so I relayed what happened at the first meet. We had a good laugh about it. NOT FIVE FUCKING MINUTES LATER, someone who I had introduced myself to earlier came by to say good bye. He asked who I was with. I said no one, and pointed to my car. He said "oh, I thought you were just a girlfriend."


The 2 guys and I all laughed so hard that the dude got uncomfortable and walked away.

So I made 2 new friends tonight, and decided once again that I want nothing to do with most of the car culture on this rock. I'm just so over it. I'm tired, and I'm angry. I fight this shit at work almost every day, and I'm just done.


(picture included because that shirt fucking pisses me off to no end. "I'm his favorite car mod." REALLY. Ugh.)

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