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On being a known regular at local restaurants (and one bar) ...

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went out for breakfast at one of the diners in town like we do on Sunday mornings. Our waitress not only brought us coffee without us having to ask, she also, for the first time ever, didn't bring us menus because (as she correctly assumed) we've been there so often we have the breakfast selections memorized. This isn't the only restaurant where this happens. There's a pizza place we usually stop at on the way home from the bar — on Friday nights they have special where you can get a mini-calzone and chips for $1.50 (it's the perfect drunk food). Anyway, we're such a familiar sight that most of the servers there have stopped bringing us menus, and some of them just bring us our plates right away. The servers at one of the Mexican places and one of the bars also have our orders memorized. At any rate, despite how nice it is that the employees at these places know what we want without us having to ask, it also makes me feel kind of weird. I'm really shy IRL, and being singled out for either positive or negative attention has always made me uncomfortable. It's also kind of awkward because I feel like I have to get the same thing every time I go out because it's what the servers expect. Are any of you regulars at a particular bar or restaurant? How do you feel about being recognized as such? I try to just go with it, but there's always that twinge of bemusement.


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