Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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On Being A Person Who Draws Sometimes

I wouldn't call myself an artist. I'm not somebody who does this professionally, and I only draw occasionally. Most of the time I doodle, or I draw random things around my work with chalk. Makes the boards around the restaurant look more interesting. I'm about 95% self taught, with the other 5% consisting of one independent study of form and lines in high school, roughly fiveish years ago. That study consisted of me showing up to my teacher every two weeks, showing him what I drew, him saying "yup okay now go draw this" and then I'd do that. Rinse repeat.

But lately I've actually sat down and started drawing some serious drawings again, not like the random doodles I usually do. To my great surprise, I've found that I suddenly gained the ability to draw noses and the ability to shade somewhat not crappily. It's not something I worked at every day. I just sat down and I could do it. Like my whole learning process consisted of screwing around with other mediums, not even practicing light and shading or noses. I'd like to say I worked at it but really, I didn't. It's just something that I can now do, that I couldn't before. What are you doing, brain?

Has that ever happened to any of you? Where you just suddenly possess the ability to do something that you couldn't do before?


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