I find myself being really effected by the audacity of The Post to call L'Wren Scott a "Yoko".

In her case because it's just NOT EVEN A GOOD USE OF THE DAMN IDEA, The Stones are the living dead; can't stop, wont stop.

But i've had personal experience with this phenomena and frankly it's total fucking bullshit.

At any point if I was around my ex boyfriends band, if a man (always a man) in the group didn't want to hear me talk, think or breathe he would simply throw out a "Yoko". And you know what? It worked. I shut down. I let them take control of the situation because at that point I was never going to be heard. I was a talking pair of tits. It's more than a word it's an idea. It's analogous to saying "You're only here because our drummer fucks you, and we don't care what you think."

Pause - now this is where it gets tricky. Whenever i've spoken about my dislike of this practice I am always inundated with "well you aren't IN the band so you shouldn't have an opinion" - and i'm always just like


Okay, but MY PARTNER is. My partner has made a commitment to me and to this other group of people. And while I would never begrudge my partner their happiness I WILL speak up if the other group of people he chooses to spend time with try to do things like convince him to quit a job to haphazardly travel cross country, sell vehicles, invite 20-100 people into our living space, give them access to the booze/food in said living space, and a litany of other things that do have an impact on my day to day life.

However, if they wanted to wear a socks on their wieners and play a warehouse of 30o people? Have fun! If they wanted to name the band something that makes me chuckle or cringe every time I hear it? Go ahead, I'll still be proud as shit to go and see them play.

This is also really really prevalent in the metal scene back home so it wasn't all too surprising. Just really disappointing. Anyone else?