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On being an introvert

I am an introvert. The thing that other people always get wrong about introverts is to assume that we're shy or that we're misanthropes. Some of us are introverted AND shy, and maybe even misanthropic on top of all of that. But many of us are simply drained of energy after socializing. That's me.

Unfortunately for me, my partner is an extreme extrovert. It's taken him a very long time to grasp just how draining it is for me to socialize for extended periods of time. This is, in part, because he can't wrap his mind around it; he is my exact opposite in that he recharges by being around other people. It is also because I am actually quite charming; I laugh a lot; I am a great hostesses. I love hostessing - for a party. I like making people feel at home. But then they get the fuck out of my house. I hate hostessing for house guests. They do not get the fuck out of my house for a couple days and it KILLS ME DEAD.

How do I get undead? I need help. I resent having certain guests because their personalities are hard for me to deal with, but I can't refuse to host them once a year or so, because that would reflect very poorly on me. But it also reflects very poorly on me that after 36-ish hours of having guests, I can't control myself. I find myself leaving meals abruptly to go to restaurant bathrooms because I'm about to lose my cool.


Fellow introverts, unite! Tell me your secrets! After you're done, you can go back into your cave and I will never bother you again!

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