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On being an overachiever...

My therapist frequently reffers to me as an overachiever. I have always brushed it off because I believed it meant someone who achieves more than the average bear, while I usually feel can I barely keep it together, and am not in any way exceptional. Yes, I am in a doctoral program but I don't work full time or have kids like many of my classmates, and yet my house is constantly a mess. I spend too much time procrastinating, watching TV, I don't get to the gym enough, I forget my friend's birthdays, and never feel like I do anything well. If anything, I barely feel like an achiever...

Anyway, I recently looked up "overachiever" and realized it actually defines me really well. Basically, overachievers never feel good enough and so they feel extreme pressure to be successful and thus are constantly anxious and critical of themselves. Yup. I suspect there are others of you out there who suffer from this same ill-titled malady, so I thought I would share.

Although it's no PubMed, here's a HuffPo article on it. Most of these really resonated with me (particularly "always living in a state of relief") but I don't know about their claim that overachievers make good salespeople. Personally, I loath sales but maybe that's just me.


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