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On being angry at SO's brothers

So my significant other's grandmother just died, and we're pretty sure his grandpa will also pass soon.

Is it wrong that I'm angry that one of my s/o's brothers didn't visit the grandma while she was in the hospital even once (she was there for over a week)? My s/o has three brothers and the other two (though INCREDIBLY busy) managed to at least visit once. My s/o visited twice and was going to go today before he got the news, plus helped move her into a care home before this whole situation started.

Like...it wasn't some secret this was happening. My s/o warned his brother that he needed to go if he wanted to see his grandma because it was serious. He had a whole weekend before going on vacation and didn't make the effort to go once. I just can't with people who have no concept of family. Especially given the fact that all of my grandparents died by the time I was 5, so I would kill to be able to experience that until the age of 33.


I, of course, am not going to bring this up to s/o because he's obviously grieving and I'm not going to shit talk his brother like that, but I just needed to vent SOMEWHERE. Because everyone in the family acting like this is totally normal and ok pisses me off. He is the most well off family member, he just went to Rio for Carnival and is now off to Maui for a comped work thing/vacation. Why is he above reproach?

I just really lost a lot of respect for this guy. It's truly making me wonder what happens when my s/o's parents get older.

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