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Welcome To The Bitchery

I want to start by saying I'm not a writer, nor do I give a damn about being one. GT is a very smart place and I'll explain myself as best I can, but I'm better in person. If you're looking for some thoughts that'll shock you to the core, uh no.

I mostly want to just say that as a disabled person, we deal with some level of shit on the daily. Maybe some days it's a full-on poop hurricane and on others it's a lonely turd in the toilet, but still, shit. I feel like due to dealing with all of this shit, I have become a very sensitive person. I pay lots of of attention to how those around me talk about different groups of people. I am by no means a perfect person, I've said some terrible things myself. However, once I'm made aware of inevitable fuck-ups, I make efforts to be better. In recent years I've enjoyed listening to new perspectives which is always very good for you, in my humble opinion. That being said, being a PWD I occasionally guess that my fellow disabled peeps are as sensitive to assumptions as I am, given we've had our entire lives scrutinized by dickfaces who don't have a clue.

Well sometimes in life, you're wrong.

I've noticed something among certain PWDs: The community can be very fat-shame-y. The other day, an acquaintance of mine who also has a disability posted that old man meme that says, "Back in my day, wheelchairs were for the disabled, NOT fat people." Things like this infuriate me. I'm not overweight myself so of course there are parts of the experience I cannot understand. But last time I checked, it was perfectly plausible that somebody could be disabled, but also...FAT. How are these things mutually exclusive? I'm tired of people thinking that just because somebody is fat, they are lazy. This person very well could have a disability, and who are you to say for sure they do not? We live in a world where people like to chalk up your health by the size of your body, and that is garbage. But we also live in a world where people think they know what you're all about based on a passing glance. You would think that a group of people who get looked at as less or pitiful would know better than to post something promoting judging without having any facts. This is so disappointing to me.


We all need to watch our mouths and open our fucking ears at times, or maybe do some quick Google searches. We'd be happier that way.

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