Motherfucking carts, I swear. WALK THE 15 EXTRA FEET AND PUT YOUR CART IN A STALL. This drives me batty. I always return my cart—if it's raining, if it's cold, if I have my child with me, if I have to return to the front of the store. It's not hard.

What are some of the things you are really particular about doing to be thoughtful/mindful/considerate/respectful of others?

Some more of mine:

I always engage/greet/acknowledge service staff.

I always let people merge. On the flip side, if you try to cheat the system and get in behind a car trying to merge in front of me? Fuck you, not going to happen if I can help it.


I always donate the $1 for prostates, or sad kids, or whatever. If I can afford the $15 bottle of wine, I can certainly afford an extra dollar.

I always write thanks you notes. Always. As does my son.

I never whip out my phone at an art exhibit when I know it's not allowed.

I always hold the door open. And I get anxious around the whole "is he/she too far this weird...oh god I have been standing here like a dork forever."


I always tip at least 20%. The ONLY exception being a very large bill and extremely shitty service, which almost never happens.

I always put clothing back on hangers after trying them on.