Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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On Being Superficial

Hey everyone. I'm new to GT. I would like to make a declaration.

I have finally succumbed to my superficial nature.

I was in the military for several years, got out and have been living like a poor student since then. Well, I was a poor student but there is a piece of paper in my living room that says I have a masters now - so that excuse is over, I guess. I am on my way back in to the military because I want money.


I have been on a non-stop quest to plan out every penny that I will spend in the next six months. Oh and every spare minute of my daily life and goals have been planned, too.

Things that I have planned out so far:

  • my meals and meal schedule
  • my cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • my work out schedule
  • what I will buy to furnish my new apartment, of which I have created at least two 3D models on Design Within Reach (that fucking name.. nothing is within reach, yo) to figure out in pain staking detail how I will decorate the two apartment options I have looked into after spending countless hours trolling MLS
  • my new wardrobe that I plan on getting because I haven't bought new clothes in years, including the pair Jimmy Choo's I have lusted after for too long to say out loud
  • my make-up and skin care regime after combing over Saffron Rouge meticulously for months and month
  • where I will be volunteering to further my "cred" as an artist during my spare time
  • all the art / photography master classes I'll be taking to make contacts and get my shit together

And this stuff is probably the least embarrassing stuff.

I am not sure if I need help or if this is just me trying to exercise control over an inherently chaotic life choice. Or maybe I am just secretly an asshole. If so, secret's out!

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