Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've always hated that word. I've respected the concept here as much as I possibly have been able, making clear to others what posts might contain - sometimes going overboard, because, while I never experienced it myself, it seemed to me that we owe it to one another as humans to help avoid inducing trauma, especially when it can be easy. Either way, the word is so... lame? Anemic? Indulgent? I don't know what, but I do hate that word.

I cannot recall ever experiencing being "triggered" before, but I am a mess and I can identify the source; I cannot escape it as the coverage is literally everywhere - I'm half expecting a sky writer or Town Crier extolling Robin Williams' virtues and vices and why funny people are so often so sad to come by any moment - and I feel like I'm drowning.


I'd ask for happy gifs, but we cannot have nice things here right now. Anyone want to share a cheer-up playlist? Advice? Commiseration? I feel so messed up and strung out and ridiculous.

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