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On Bikinis and Modesty

So, I know most Jezzies/GTers aren't super-religious, if religious at all. Thus, I'm not sure how many of y'all heard about The Bikini Question, a blog post that went viral back in May.

I've spent the summer criticizing it heavily. Although my favorite anti-modesty culture blogs all managed to write many responses in a timely manner, like within a month of the original post, I work two jobs, and I don't get paid to write.

BUT I just posted my last one, so I thought I would share some links with my favorite feminists so y'all could get a taste of Christian feminism. (Yes, it is a thing).


I Am Not Cake

Sexual Attraction is Not Lust

All Women Cannot Prevent the Lust of All Men

My Body is Not Sinful

My only disappointment in my last piece is that I wanted it to be more intersectional. I received a lot of great recommendations of WOC to read and talk to, but I didn't find pre-written blog posts about the points I wanted to make, and my stupid jobs plus my stupid cold plus my stupid laptop woes all conspired against me to steal my time. This is the end of my bikini pieces, but I bookmarked some great blog posts written by transwomen and WOC on modesty, and I plan to feature their voices in future posts that aren't bikini-specific.

I'm too exhausted to write a snappy ending to this.

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