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On Calling the Dog-Cops

All this talk about CPS and dog health has got me thinking about calling the ASPCA on my bf's roommates. His roommates adopted a large puppy over a year ago and they never she the poor thing out. Seriously, they put down pee pee pads and let her shit on the floor in the second bathroom (which means there's a second bathroom nobody uses!). Now the poor thing is agoraphobic and hates the few walks she does get. She chews on the walls because she is bored. She eats her own poop sometimes because why not! It sits there all day!

It pains me to see this super active, loving dog confined to a tiny apartment but I don't know what to do about it. I'd originally thought about "stealing" her and taking her to a shelter, but there's no way to pull that off and make it look like she ran away. If I call the ASPCA it'll be pretty easy for his roommates to guess it was me. They're already the worst roommates ever and I don't want to add more contention to the house. Like seriously, they're the WORST.

And is this even something the authorities will remove her for? Aside from that neglect and the fact that they're chronic smokers which can't be good for her lungs they don't do anything particularly awful to her. They feed her and take her to the vet and watch her diet. They buy her tons of toys. They even keep their bedroom doors open at night so she can hang out in their rooms if she wants. If I call and cause contention and the dog isn't even removed it'll be chaos.


I've been sitting on this, waiting for the right moment to rat them out anonymously, but it doesn't look like that moment is gonna come.

So what do I do?

Update: I've been looking and it doesn't seem like there's anything that can legally be done about her. Nobody's hitting her, they feed her, and she's not stuck outside. I'll talk to my bf about getting the landlord involved, but what do I do if that doesn't help?

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