The Constable and I are about to go through some pretty big relationship changes. We’re going to be going from living two blocks away from each other and seeing each other every day, to long-distance for six months, to living together. It all got kind of real this weekend because I bought my tickets to go traveling this summer, and we both realized that we probably weren’t going to be seeing each other very much right before he’s going to basically a 4-month workshop (still in the same state, but about a 6-7 hour drive away) and then he talked to his roommate/our good friend about wanting to move in with me when he gets back.

It’s all very exciting stuff: his workshop is an amazing opportunity and I managed to make a ridiculous travel itinerary well within my budget and I’m going to see so many friends and family around the world. We’ve been talking about moving in together for a while and we’re both really excited. And I think that we have a super solid relationship, so I’m not really worried about us. I just think it’s going to be a very intense time period. I’ll also be starting my new job right when he leaves (we actually have the exact same start date, haha) so there’s a whole other big change to account for!

So, this is mostly just kind of a rant about things happening in my life/starting to actually feel real. But I’d love to hear from other GTers: are your relationships going through any big changes right now? Do you have any specific plans to get through them? Any GTers who’ve been through these big changes and have any advice?