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On compassionate bigotry

My partner’s cousin posted this on facebook with the caption “HAHAHAHA NO FUCK OFF”, which is just about my view too.

For the first 55 seconds, it seems like it’s gonna be a really touching video about people coming out as L/G/B/T, or some other feel-good thing like that. “I am a little bit nervous about people hearing that I am this way, and then thinking ‘well, pshh, she’s not welcome here’”, “I would say I am different, we’re all different”, “I’ve tried to change this before, but it’s too important to me”, “I wonder how many people can I really honestly be open with?”.


Sounds chill, right? Wrong. DEAD WRONG.

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.” “I already have an idea of what marriage should be, that will never change.” “At the end of the day, I don’t think we should be ashamed of how we feel about things.” “I know a lot of people who are gay, I have friends who are gay. I don’t fear them, they’re wonderful people. What I do feel insecure about is speaking from the heart, and being really open and honest about what I believe”.


I hate, FUCKING HATE all this compassionate bigotry the religious right and conservative panty-stains are starting to come out with. “Oh don’t you know we love you? We just think you’re a lower class of person to us, but we still love you!” “Why do you have to hate us for our beliefs, even though they are based on hating you?”


All the god-damn GOP fucktards making this an issue of “religious liberty” when absolutely no one is taking anything away from them. All the language these people use - “I’m a little bit nervous about people hearing I am this way”, “I’ve tried to change this before” - makes a mockery of LGBTQ people and our identities. GUESS WHAT SMELLY BUTT - you are not your beliefs, and no one is asking you to change them. You can be the biggest bigot, the proudest homophobe, the most ideologically-pure transphobe in the world if that’s what your “religion” demands - you just don’t get to decide what everyone else has to do anymore.

And to the dude who says “What I do feel insecure about is speaking from the heart, and being really open and honest about what I believe” - REALLY FUCKER? Because A) so far, I haven’t seen any insecurity on the part of hateful jabronies out there, you’ve all been SO happy to tell us how we’re destroying society and causing global warming and personally giving LeukemiAIDS to children, and B) YOU FUCKING WELL SHOULD BE INSECURE about a personal belief that explicitly and wholly involves treating a group of people like second-class citizens.


For literally a thousand years, you’ve NOT HAD TO BE INSECURE about your rude insistence on persecuting me because YOU MADE THE RULES - if anything, people like me have had to fear for their lives because of people like you, and you’re getting all whiny because you’re afraid of a little social awkwardness? It is so fucking AWESOME for me to hear that you’re worried about how people will think of you if they find out you’re a bigot! Seriously, I brings me so much effing joy, because it means that MY SIDE IS WINNING. Does it hurt your little fee-fees when people call you “homophobic”? GOOD.

Guise, this kind of shit is so dangerous to our fight for equality. When these kinds of people try and turn it around and make themselves the victims here, we shouldn’t crouch down to their level and speak in our cooing mommy voices in order to appease them. We should stand up tall and laugh in their fucking faces. If we take it seriously, it will become serious - if we laugh at it, it has no power. As Panti Bliss said, “it turns out that homosexuals are no longer the victims of homophobia - homophobes are the victims of homophobia”, because they insist that calling them what they are is somehow ‘hate speech’.


And listen up, conservative cock-wattles - YOU HAVE LOST NOTHING, except maybe a legally-enshrined smug superiority over my people. You still have all the rights you’ve enjoyed your entire lives. You want us to stay out of your business? Guess what, WE ARE. I want nothing to do with you, your hateful beliefs, your shitty ass-backwards willful misinterpretation of a peaceful man’s teachings, your gleeful contempt for my safety and liberty. You can go off and celebrate your hate with the biggest God’s-cock-shaped cake you can find (and I bet there isn’t a baker around who would deny you that cake if you asked), and I and the majority of society will stand over here and do the right thing regardless. Progress marches on, we get to feel a little more human, and you can finally get a taste of your own intolerant medicine. Deal with it.

Sorry (notsorry) for the rant. Here’s a palate cleanser by some folks who know exactly which hate-dog this steaming turd of a video was excreted from.

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