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On Defending Beyoncé [from Black Girl Dangerous]

"I'm here for black feminists defending Beyoncé against criticisms that she does not deserve. But I also hope that we can call out the flaws in her feminist expressions. I understand that at some point, the Beyoncé feminist/non-feminist discussion became a line in the sand, a line past which we were no longer prepared to let white feminists go. Black feminists, black women, have had to deal with constant disrespect from white feminists, not just over Beyoncé but over so, so many black women and girls and at this point we are just really fucking tired of it.

We defend Beyoncé because she is a symbol of the ways in which white feminists degrade, dehumanize and demonize black women all the damn time. She is an easy example of the ways white feminists exclude and ignore black women from "their" movements, the way they paint our experiences as secondary and inferior to their own, the way they other our sexuality and demean our right to own it. We defend her against white feminists because we know that we are the only ones who can and the only ones who will.

We defend her because, feminist or not, she is our sister, our daughter, our girlfriend. We defend her because having the back of a black woman being attacked by white folks is, in and of itself, part of our feminism."


On Defending Beyoncé: Black Feminists, White Feminists, and the Line In the Sand -Black Girl Dangerous

As the "Great Beyoncé War of 2013" rages on on the mainpage, I thought I'd share this great piece. Even the Beyoncé detractors should be okay with it since Mia explicitly deals with the problematic Jay Z line. To me, this is how you criticize. Acknowledge the good and dissect the bad. Very fair piece I thought.

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