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On Defending Employees from Other Supervisors...

I manage an art studio (and therefore, manage a bunch of art teachers). There is another studio owned by the same people, managed by another person - and many of our teachers will work classes at both.

Recently, we got a new teacher who I and our staff and customers just think is great. He first started working at the other studio, and then we needed help and he wanted shifts. Maybe you remember me posting about a guy who changed all my lightbulbs during his job interview, and I bought him a milkshake.


The other manager really hates this guy. So, I have been on HIGH ALERT making sure he's doing his job. He's doing an AWESOME job. Like, I am getting calls about how much people enjoy his classes - which never happens. I am totally open to the idea that he's not meshing over there with that manager and that team. And that's fine.

Yesterday he comes in really upset wanting to have a talk with me, because that manager had sent him a really nasty email and copied our bosses. I realize I'm taking his word for it, that the email was unfair. But it's kind of easy to believe they are holding him to a ridiculous standard because I am literally having no issues. It's weird that she approached it this way - copying the owners about some petty shit. We don't typically bother them with this stuff.

I've worked for these people for a long time; they have a long history of not being up front with people when they are aggravated and then letting it escalate - if the other manager asked their advice about him, this is probably how they instructed her to handle it. When they don't want to confront someone, they drive that person to quit - they've done it time and time again.


So I am kind of in this hard place - because my studio wants and needs this guy, and I feel quite protective of him. I don't know how to defend him - because I'm sure this is going to come up - without throwing the other manager under the bus because I really don't want to be dragged into her drama and I don't know her very well and as far as I'm concerned, her studio is her business. I have no time to worry about them. Haha.

I guess I know that my company has a habit of mistreating its teachers and I'm not interested in participating. I don't think they'd make me fire him (I think) just because the other location wants to. I also don't know how to have a conversation like, "hey, you guys don't want him, just give him to me." It's weird. This is a weird situation. Also, he did not ask me to advocate for him or do anything (although I told him if confronted, I don't have anything bad to say and that I would be up front with him if I did), and he knows I can't exactly just steal him from that location - and he can't just quit, if he wants to keep the job at mine.


So weird.


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