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So fucking worried about the woman upstairs. I sit down here in the lower unit NOT HEARING HER, only the crazy boyfriend who literally smashes stuff, screams and yells for burst of about 10 seconds and then it gets dead silent, ten minutes pass, and it starts again. This goes on about 3 times per week and every weekend. I live in a neighborhood where calling the police is frowned upon by neighbors. I know, sounds ridiculous, why am I so afraid to make the call? What the hell is wrong with me? Will I feel bad if this is a misunderstanding (it isn't) and have to face her when we cross paths living upstairs/downstairs from each other? Maybe because I've been there and the last thing you need when you are in an abusive relationship you aren't ready to get out of is the cops being called by the neighbor because the blow back, is 10x worse.

I called into the local district and asked what the protocol is. What if she doesn't admit to him hitting her? What if he really isn't and is just yelling, throwing obejcts? They won't arrest him and she'll be stuck there to deal with him. For some reason they also told me to contact the landlord and let him know. I don't this this asshole is on the lease so maybe he could kick him out? I dunno.

I also wrote her a letter telling her how worried I am about her safety and don't be afraid to reach out to me, ever. Also told her that just because he hasn't hit you doens't mean it isn't abuse. Have not given it to her yet... what if she thinks I'm a weirdo?

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