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On Doxxing

Based on some of the conversations below, I thought I'd like to clarify a few things. Doxxing is a cardinal sin here, it won't be tolerated. It is immediate grounds for getting your ass bounced out of here.



As Slay often reiterates, this is not, strictly speaking, a safe space. This is a public, not a private board. Everyone in the world with an internet connection can read what you post here. So if there's stuff you don't want your Mom or your spouse or your job to find out, it's really best to keep it to yourself. We can control our little playpen here, but we have little control over the mainpage or the rest of the Gawkerverse, much less the wider intertubes.

During the Kinja 1.0 Hellscape and the doxxing-troll invasion, I remember one aghast commenter saying "My god, how did he figure out who I was? He must have some kind of under-the-hood hacking thing going on!" (I'm paraphrasing.)

My response was simply to scroll back, page after page, on her comment history, looking for what a doxxing troll would look for. And there it was, about the eleventh page back. She'd said the (rather unusual) names of her pets at one point, and a ten-second google led to a long-dormant adopt-a-pet message board where she'd posted under her real name about these same pets with fairly distinct names. I'm not a hacker, and I'd found her real name in about two and a half minutes. My objectives were benevolent, not sinister, but that's just a flip of the coin.

We all share details of our personal lives here, and we want that to be something GTers who want to do can keep doing. Some of us are lucky, like me. I just don't care that much. If that's you too, shine on. Others guard their privacy far more fiercely and would be alarmed and upset if that was violated. So be smart, if that's a concern of yours. We hope to keep this a semi-safe space, but our post-hoc tools are somewhat less effective than your common sense.

Thanks, GT. And keep on being awesome.

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