Whenever there is an article discussing animal food, so many people are all "this food is crap, if you love your pets you'll feed them [food you can't afford and that is not being sold anywhere in your town]!"

I do keep away from truly cheap stuff, the supermarket food with only 4% meat that they sell everywhere. But pet stores here are either scarce or sell exclusively expensive stuff (no, I have four cats and I most definitely can't afford to pay 18 euro for 1 Kg of pet food), so unless I find a big sale I can't be too picky.

I normally buy average-quality pet food that has about 30% of meat from a particular pet store that is not too far from my home and has reasonable prices. But the owner has health problems so sometimes the store won't open, so occasionally I go elsewhere and buy Purina food with 18% meat. The way some people react when I say that, you'd think I'm force-feeding my pets rat poison.