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Jezebel, Feminism, and Race

A couple days ago there was a wonderful post on Asians and the west, and while I quite enjoyed the post, I purposely avoided the comments. Today there was another article, this time on yellow fever. The intelligent part of my brain was like: hey Cole, lets not read the comments. The unintelligent part was like: dude, you don't work today! What's the worst that can happen? Plus somebody is wrong on the interwebs.


Why the fuck does everything suddenly go out the window when it's not a white woman?


I want to do more to fight it, but every time I loose my shit. When I'm fighting with a misogynist internet troll I expect the worst. But it's so damn frustrating to fight sexism along with some people, only to have them turn around and bite you when it comes to race. I hate to say it, but I've purposely avoided the topic of race in Jezebel because I get so damn worked up about it. I want to do more, these are topics that need people constantly screaming from the rooftops, but all I ever want to do is duck and cover. Any advice on how not to take things so personally? On how to keep fighting when it seems a huge chunk of your own people are against you?

Sorry for the rant, and a hearty thank you to all that helped and are far better at this than I am.

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