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Mr. Sattler and I are in the market for a new bed. We are currently sleeping on a queen sized IKEA Hopen. It’s about 8 years old and still looks great, but I really want a king size bed. I’m tired of competing with the dog for space. We’ve narrowed it down to two choices. All of the furniture in our bedroom is also IKEA. It’s the dark black/brown finish and is a mix of Hemnes and Hopen. Both choices are about the same price so we’re basically deciding on pure aesthetic. The only reason we aren’t going for another IKEA bed is because none of the currents styles are really working for him with the exception of Trysil. It only comes in queen, natch.

The first is from West Elm. I’m concerned that the upholstery may eventually look dirty since we are both headboard learners when we watch TV or read in bed. Also, while I am devoted to IKEA and know what I’m getting into regarding quality, I don’t know anything about West Elm furniture. Does anyone have West Elm furniture? How is the quality in comparison to IKEA? It’s way more expensive than IKEA so I wouldn’t be happy if the quality is lesser than IKEA.


Second choice comes from Ashley furniture. The website says “manmade wood, solid wood, and veneer” so it’s basically on the same level as the IKEA and West Elm. I can get over it. Except, I’ll be really ticked if the veneer chips really easily. It appears to be thicker than the veneer on the IKEA furniture but it is also way more expensive than an IKEA bed. I’m not expecting it to be as awesome as solid wood, hand crafted furniture, but I do want it to look nice for the next 5-10 years. Anybody had good luck with Ashley? We’ve never bought from them.

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