On Goal Setting and Accomplishment

I often find that the only goals I actually keep or come close to achieving lately are crafting-related. It's not that I don't like a lot of the things I set other goals toward (I do like riding my bike, I actually like what I do at work), but I think I'm more likely to "know" what kind of bite is more than I can chew with crafting than I would in other areas. I sometimes wonder why that is but I have more socks to knit, so I can't really dwell.

2014's crafting goals were:

I almost didn't make it on the socks, however, I had a pair with one sock done in sport weight that was my final one to do, so I finished it over Christmas.

But, while I have a knitting-related goal for 2015 (knit a stocking for each of the members of my boyfriend's family, 10 including me), and a sewing-related goal (Learn to sew. I only know how to thread a bobbin at this point), I'm open to hearing what other peoples' crafty goals are, so maybe I can reach for the stars!

So go for it! What are your goals this year? Is it to learn a new craft? Is it to finish that project that's been haunting you for months? What about a new technique?

Maybe we can get a little goal setting and keeping encouragement from one another.