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On having a body and a past

Yesterday Elodie Under Glass answered a question on Captain Awkward about telling your partner about STDs, and it was wonderful. Not only did she answer the question in a funny, wonderful way, but she opened up a greater conversation about the way STDs are treated in our society (while using the best gif on the internet). She also said some really beautiful things about being imperfect and human:

We talk about how our knees don’t bend this way or that, how we feel bad with our clothes off, how we need to be touched, how you must never close your fingers around our necks; we talk sheepishly or confidently about genital configurations and mobility aids, we inform our partners about allergies, precautions and protections, about medical histories and abuses and exes and fantasies. We, the people who have sex while owning bodies and histories, have sex while having Crohn’s and Asperger’s and Klinefelter’s, while having celiac and lupus, while being fat, with our survival stories, with our cancer, with our scars. We have sex even if societies don’t think we’re sexy – fat, old, gay, disabled, dirty, sick, poor, unbeautiful, radical, revolutionary, STD-having – we have sex. Years ago my oldest dearest friend and I were discussing her girlfriend, and the dark line of hair that runs down from her navel – called a “Happy Trail” in boys. We called it her Pleasure Highway. Some of us have Pleasure Highways that will frighten off the weak. Our Pleasure Highways take up space. We take up space. Your genital herpes is upsetting and painful, but by God, [Letter Writer], we are vast – we contain multitudes –we will find room.


The whole thing is worth a read, even if you don't have an STD (or even a partner).

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