Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

so, i can't believe i forgot to tell you guys this, but...

while i was in the hospital and dealing with all that mess, the grocery fairy visited. my husband came out the door one morning, and tripped over 3 brown grocery bags and a box full of canned and boxed stuff (soup, pasta, fruit, veg). which, since i haven't been able to go to the food pantry in October, is awesome. there are also 2 legs o' lamb in my freezer (like, huge, giant, Bam-Bam club sized), and a bag of sausage patties. only 2 people have keys, and they both claim ignorance, but we tend to leave the doors open most of the time, so... i'm pretty sure i know which neighbour it was, but i said something about it and only got a smile and a "we don't like lamb". i will have to leave a plate of delicious baked goods for them, now that i'm more or less back on my feet :)


i don't care who says what about living in gov't housing, i have some of the best neighbours in the world. moving away from here someday will be heart-wrenching.

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