Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey y'all, so this creeps me out a little and I'm brand new to the phenomenon, so I thought I would ask the more seasoned crowd:

I commented on another article in another part of the Kinjaverse, and somebody responded to my comment with a seemingly benign response, it was evenly moderately funny, BUT:

Their display name? The same as mine.

Their Kinja URL? pspeed.kinja.com.

No avatar.

In the greys on the blog in question.

I haven't done anything with their response because I'm concerned that this is a troll who's about to lay some dead cats on me.


I hate that I've come to see the internet as a place where people are more horrible than usual, but in all honesty, my experience has taught me that (GT excluded) that's generally EXACTLY what it is.

Anybody have any thoughts on the matter?

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