so I often have women who are into the Lollie fashion movement com into my studio and want to shoot a Lolita type session (think the Japanese styled Lolita more than the book Lolita).

I have a no school girl policy, though I will do naughty teacher. I'd rather do something else entirely, but I get it. But I won't dress you like a kid. Nope. I explain it, women get it (or they don't, and that's fine too). We create a set, and shoot from there.

But the whole Lollie thing is a fashion thing, and I've got a lot of women who follow the culture of their home country. Women who are here for work, or college, or who just like the style. I am always conflicted. I get that it's fashion- but I was an English major in college so the context of the original text sticks with me.

The raver-esque looking stuff doesn't bother me as much. It's so over the top. But the cutesy school girl and lollipops? Ugh. On the one hand, it's my job. On the other, I have total creative control, and have the right to refuse clients. But I don't want to refuse when it's a cultural thing, rather than Lolita in general.

This isn't something I can put on the website, you know?

So, wise GT, what's your take?