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Welcome To The Bitchery
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On Keeping Your Cool in Confrontations

Basically...how do you? I am easily riled up and walk away from them shaky. I am no AOC, that’s for sure. If someone mutters “fucking bitch” under their breath at me, and I feel like I am in a safe place, I will confront that. But certainly not eloquently.

This was recently re-confirmed, as I just came off a confrontation. An old white guy was loudly spouting violent bullshit about the government should be bombing BLM encampments/protestors to a postal worker on a corner in my neighborhood and I told him that was a disgusting statement and it...devolved (verbally only).


And now I am shaky and angry and wish I had been able to keep my cool and handle it better. I know in this instance that would not have meant that I could get through to that man, but I feel like it would serve whatever I am in a confrontation about so much better. It also worries me a bit how quickly I go from calm to enraged.

Anyone here adept at verbal sparring and have tips? Or self-calming techniques when you are shaky and coming off of confrontation?

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