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I’m in a rose-tinted mood, so! soliciting stories!

There are many, many corners of the internet full of stories on when people knew their partner was “the one”. Usually these are super cute, tender moments, often early on. I love these stories and want yours!


I *also* want the stories of later on. Of when you didn’t just know that you wanted this person to be your hopefully-for-life person, but, when did you actually KNOW? When did you sort of settle in to it, either internally or together, stop qualifying “if we’re together in a few months/next year”, and accept that this relationship was actually different from the others you had had? When did you know that a conversation about being together for the long haul wasn’t gonna be a terrifying one, or, was it terrifying and did that conversation have to happen?

While the second moment is slightly more interesting to me, maybe because it’s more complex and less talked about in ways other than the Big Proposal, I love all the stories! Take this prompt however you will!

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