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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't usually go to panels at conventions. Ever since I interviewed an actor that played a favourite character of mine and he turned into a complete dick, I've generally tried to avoid anything involving talking to a celebrity that I like.

However, I have attended an amazing Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar panel. They had good chemistry. Stan Lee is an amazing public speaker and I saw him by accident, I was pushed into the room because the crowd was so big I couldn't get around it.


I rolled the dice and decided to see my two childhood loves William Shatner and Patrick Stewart at Fanexpo.

It was weird. It was rambling. Instead of Two Captains it should have been called:

"On Koi Fish and their sentience and Vivian Lee."

Both of these lectures had moments, and the long re-enactment of a conversation with a vegan was amusing but I wasn't sure if Shatner was pro-vegan or against.


Not at all what I was expecting. I tried to have zero expectations.

Sometimes I hope actors will just pull a Galaxy Quest and just show up as their character. (Of course no one should be forced to do that, but I would laugh a lot at a panel filled with people pretending to be other people who happen to be stuck at convention.)


It's the first time I thought, wow, we really need a moderator.

I still can't decide if this was a waste of money or not. It was enjoyable, but I think I would have enjoyed it if they just had decided to bring in Koi Fish, or pictures of their fish, or did a vegan cooking show together.

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