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On Liking Sexist Stuff

So this is something that troubles me. I really like Robin Thicke's new song that's blowing up everywhere, Blurred Lines (censored video below, uncensored video can be watched on Vevo):

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It's... a problematic song. The lyrics are quite rapey, and the video clip is terrible. But it's very catchy - which makes it even more problematic.


I just wanted to know how you guys deal with these parts of pop culture? I personally find it difficult to watch stuff by Woody Allen or Roman Polanksi, because the whole time my brain is afire with "THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS IS TERRIBLE", but I don't know if I should be separating the work from the person.

If you do that, can't it work both ways? Like someone with an impeccable personal life could make something very sexist, but you'd judge just the work and not them (though the work would be an extension of them, so you'd want to judge them, but then isn't Polanski's work an extension of himself and doesn't that mean there's something in him that a lot of people like?)


Anyway, this is a bit of a ramble - growing up is hard, I miss moral absolutes. What do you guys think!?

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