We are leaving for spring break in six days. We will be away from home for a week. We are not taking the cat with us (and that is not an option, anyway). I have so far failed to make arrangements for having the cat cared for. Why? Because I CAN NOT have a stranger come into my house. They will at some point be forced to enter the master bedroom, because that is where the cat will be, and they will see the mess. It is getting borderline hoarder in there. There is very little floor space clear for walking on. All of the furniture save for the bed has a pile of shit close to a foot high on top of it. If I did nothing but clean for the whole week leading up to our leaving, I *might* feel comfortable letting someone open the bedroom door, but that isn't going to happen. Also, I would need a dumpster. Boarding the cat isn't a very good option, because she has historically reacted to the presence of other cats with violence. What should I do? (The obvious solution is clean.) (Also, we can't have friends who are aware of the squalor come and look after her, because we don't have any that live here in town.)