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On mainpaging

So now I'm thinking about this. I post my navel-gazings here because mostly they're me working through something in my head and I respect your opinions, and I want to see what you can tease out. Y'know, like this post. I've clarified a lot of things that way, because you never know what someone might give you back.

I've been mainpaged on stuff I posted in whimsy, and I've been not-mainpaged on stuff that I really would like more people to see and that I figured would get borrowed if anything did. Back in the long long ago with hearts, we never had to worry about it, because it was a totally different ball game. But change: not my thing, and I never really made the mental switch to Kinja.

That said, I think that I'm going to try the whole writing thing. And now I'm thinking about mainpaging for the first time, because it took my dumb ass until today when someone pointed out that hey, exposure! Is this part of the new media, where everything is a mix of personal and professional and nothing is inextricable? If we are proud of something that we think has value, where is the harm in sharing it with our friends and maybe secretly hoping Jessica notices? On the other hand, if we want to be able to bitch about things without worrying about thousands of people piling onto it, is the disclaimer really all we need for that? Is that an airtight protection against the borrowing of a piece?


I get that it's the Internet (I am learning recently how quickly your lives can collide) and anyone can technically find it. But even the amount of pageviews GT gets is a pretty small chunk of the online universe. It's not on the same scale as the mainpage.

ETA: I get that when I post long serious things, it's not for everyone. It's not even for people who would sometimes be interested if they're not in the mood. And I try to title them things that are red-flaggy "daily cup of downer" tags, because I think everyone should be able to avoid stumbling into seriousness if they really logged on for Cats In Space On Food gifs. But in the interest of not being an ass, maybe we just start tagging stuff as Serious Writing or something?

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