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Welcome To The Bitchery
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On Marriage, Choice Feminism, and the Pursuit of Happiness

I just got back from a nine-day vacation Sunday evening. Nine days without wifi or phone signal. It was AWESOME. I read three books and wrote three blog posts during my trip, and I took a nap everyday. I also drank a massive quantity of alcohol, yet never enough to get drunk... Apparently drinking beer and margaritas spaced out from 11am to 9pm doesn't cause intoxication. Oh, and I ate a lot of candy.

Anyway, one of the blog posts I wrote was a guest post for a friend of mine on women keeping or discarding their maiden names when they get married. I'm on my iPad, so I can't neatly embed links like usual, but here it is for any interested parties. http://www.betsytransatlantically.com/2013/09/weddin…


I tied that in with a blog post on my own blog about my different feminist perspectives, and how they all kind of work together. http://www.findingmyvirginity.com/2013/09/confes…

As excited as I am to hear from my friend's followers and my own, I'd also appreciate some feedback from my fellow Jezzies. As a whole, y'all probably better understand some of the feminist theories that I've tried to simplify and explain in an entertaining way. I also want to write more in the future on choice feminism, and I would love comments/links from y'all either validating or criticizing choice feminism.


Bisous, Belle

P.S. If you wrote something on GT in the last two weeks that you want me to read, link it below!

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