Can we all please marvel at this comment, posted in reply my response about having lost weight and not been full of joy? Can we just sit back for a second and enjoy the sheer and utter magnitude of not only how many miles it misses the point, but also breathtaking arrogance and the overwhelming stupidity? The mansplaining to me about my diet, which he (for surely this is a he) knows next to nothing about is a thing of great and terrible beauty. Who are these people? Do they actually think they're were being helpful? Sometimes I truly wonder this. Or do they know they're just trying to assert their own superiority.

Also, another telling thing that I've noticed is how many people equate "not thin" with "obese". I haven't said anything about my weight other than describing myself as "not thin" and having gained 20lbs from my lowest weight, and you get all KINDS of people talking to me about being fat. Whether I am or whether I'm not isn't the point, but the automatic assumption is interesting/depressing.