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On Migraines and Facebook

But the other way around.

First, I'm just going to place my frustration into the computer instead of blowing up and alienating all of my real life people on Facebook. I'm having such a hard time not engaging in every argument right now. One person has a thread going on the 12 year old stabbing girls and whether they should be tried as adults. Another thread going on about the Washington Redskins. Always news about Texas, Planned Parenthood, religion, women's bodies, and all kinds of bigotry. And fucking guns. Not "fucking guns" but you know what I mean. I want to just post a long rant stating all of my opinions on EVERYTHING, then either have it out or delete anyone who tries to come at me.

On to migraines. I have had one single headache in my 32 years that I would call a migraine. It happened about three months ago, and started an hour before my mom's flight came in for her visit. I'm pretty sure it was brought on by excessively bleaching my bathroom with no ventilation. When I wasn't throwing up, I had to lie very, very still, with my hands over my eyes and everyone had to be quiet and I couldn't talk because the vibration made my head pound and my stomach churn.


I felt a headache coming on today, popped a couple Excederin and chilled on the couch til it started going away. I panic when I feel a headache coming on now and I cannot imagine living with migraines that occur monthly, weekly, or more, and last longer than the four hours mine did. But I'm wondering what makes a headache a migraine. WebMD gives a list of symptoms and types of migraines, and says the symptoms may occur in various combinations. I've had a pulsing eyeball headache before, but it never occurred to me to call it a migraine. If I see someone post on FB that they have a migraine, I scoff. Even before I had my personal experience, I've seen friends and relatives suffer migraines that rendered them disoriented, vomiting, and with temporary speech impairment. If you're able to make a post about it on Facebook, I don't put that in the same category. I also have a friend who claimed to have "migraines" that were just kind of a weird feeling. Not painful, not even headachy, just weird. But she's kind of a hypochondriac.

But maybe I'm wrong! Does someone with a little more edumacation on the subject care to weigh in? Or just vent and opine, I like that too.

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