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On minimizing mental health

I've finally hit a point where I'm vocally annoyed with the over use of mental health words.

If you can focus or do many things at a time, people say "I have ADHD"

If you like things in order, people say "I'm OCD"

If you feel sad, people say "I'm clinically depressed."

If you feel nervous, people say "I have an anxiety disorder."

If something upsets you or reminds you of something that upsets you, people say "I have PTSD." I heard people talk about having PTSD in relationship to boxing day or black Friday sales.


I'm sorry unless you actually have those mental illnesses, you don't have them. Don't use those words to describe yourself because you make it really hard people who actually have those disorders to be believed. People roll their eyes and think you've gone and read it on the internetz. Or are you just saying it because it's totally trendy to have PTSD?

I often tell people I have PTSD or I have mental health issues, because it's way easier than saying "I'm a self harmer with a history of abuse, that has PTSD like symptoms but also exhibits symptoms of C-PTSD or BPD with elements of obsessive behaviour."

In my experience, telling a medical doctor you have PTSD like symptoms and that's why you are openly sobbing, your heart rate is high, you can't breathe, gets you scolded for misbehaving and told you have anxiety. I don't have anxiety, I am currently reliving a previous medical trauma and my response is sobbing and trying to defend myself from harm. I'm trying to tell you how to handle me. Whatever, I'm probably an attention seeking woman that has a glamorous fake illness that I looked up on the internet.

I've been evaluated, I'm in private therapy, I will be in government regulated group therapy/ skills based therapy for emotional regulation. I have no concrete answers because it's apparently damaging to tell traumatized people they are basically hysterical. I have snippets of things doctors have accidentally told me. Also, the system has fucked up numerous times so that's why I don't have a specific title.


If you find yourself innocently stating you have a mental health problem that you don't have, stop yourself.

When you have a lump, you don't tell people you have cancer. When you've strained a muscle, you don't tell people the muscle died. When you have a cold, you don't tell people you have ebola. So don't take relatively normal things in human existence and explain they are mental illnesses.


People get nervous, that's okay, but does it control you? People get sad, but is it a chronic problem were you have no vitality?

If you think you may have mental illness, for example: you can't get out of bed for days because you simply have no energy or see no point in existing, you can't leave a room until you've counted all the titles, you can't leave your room for fear of doing the wrong thing, you live the same horrible day over and over, you feel disconnected from everyone, you feel a constant uncontrollable rage, etc go see your doctor.


I'll tell you right now, you don't want what I have. It's ruined my life. I've had to completely rebuild myself. I find it hard to be around people when I am having an episode because I know how scary I am. I will not engage in a relationship until I can manage my rage. I've worked so hard to not kill myself. I've worked super hard to live with something I don't want. I still have years of therapy and hard work to finish before I'll feel like a whole person again.

Being mentally ill is not glamorous or trendy or makes me interesting. It really sucks. It's a lot of work. Stop making it sound like it's a trivial and cool thing.

ETA: You are allowed to have a different experience. It's okay if you want to joke about mental illness if you have one. YES people with mental illness will joke about them. I'm not talking about them. I am literally talking about people who do not have any mental illness. Not mild, but literally no mental illness and say things like "OMG I totally have PTSD because I remember that time they didn't have nachos."


OBVIOUSLY isn't not black or white and there are exceptions to every thing.

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